Amour satyrique (Erotique) (French Edition)

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Academic journal article French Forum. Les Amours Diverses 45 is almost certainly Ronsard's most obscene poem. Critics in the past have not been kind to it. And while it appears to have lost much of its shock value today, it continues to be neglected.

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But there may be something to learn from this sonnet, and this neglect. One of the questions we might want to ask is whether it is the subject itself we find distasteful, or the fact that it is represented so explicitly. It is possible that what sets Ronsard's sonnet apart, and has made it something of an embarrassment to its readers, is simply the explicitness with which it tells the story most sonnets--and in particular Petrarchan sonnets--tell: that of desire as supplementarity, a matter of substitution and deferral. Looked at in this way, the scenario of substitution sketched out by Ronsard's sonnet appears, perversely enough, less perverse.

Read against the background of early modern writings on sex as something scandalous, Ronsard's Les Amours Diverses 45 may remind us to what extent there is something scandalous about all writing, and something scandalous about the fact that we enjoy it. I am suggesting, in effect, that Les Amours Diverses 45 is an exemplary piece of writing. But what does it mean, in fact, to be exemplary? To answer that question, let me begin with the example of Derrida, whose now famous--indeed, exemplary--discussion of the supplement in Of Grammatology relies to a large extent, in turn, on the example of Rousseau.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Helpey, describing a copy in a private collection, states that the volume has a frontispiece, 20 plates and an engraved vignette on the title. In addition to the text of the novel, there are included several pieces of erotic verse. Frontispiece and 18 of 19 plates, in pale sanguine.

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Paris:] Frontispieces and twenty-one plates. The titlepage is engraved.

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  • Imperfect; wanting all the plates except the frontispiece and no. This edition is not listed by Helpey, which further disjoints his numeration. Twenty plates. Gay , 3rd. Histoire de Gouberdom, portier des Chartreux. Bruxelles , Titlepage printed in brown and black. Paris [Charles Hirsch]: Paris : Dutel : However, the pagination and particularly the stated limitation of the Kinsey copy point to another edition or issue. Londres [Paris, Cazin], Two pts. Twenty-four plates by Elluin after designs by Borel.

    Londres, []. Londres , Borel and F. Offered for sale in the Internet in Oct. Salomon auction, Dresden, March , no. A Londres [i.

    Supplementarity and the Sonnet: A Reading of Ronsard's Les Amours Diverses 45

    I am obliged to Urs Kram of Basel, Switzerland, for the information on this edition. Twenty engraved plates. Londres [Cazin], Twenty-four plates. Londres , []. Imperfect; wanting twenty-one of the twenty-four plates. Londres , [c ]. Cited by a collector in London. Not included in Helpey.

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    Londres , [Bruxelles, c. Le Portier des chartreux. Bibliotheca Arcana , no. The entry in Bibliotheca Arcana gives — "The present edition contains 23 coloured lithographs, copies from the edition of 'Rome'. Amsterdam [Bruxelles], Sixteen engravings. Le portier des chartreux.

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    Histoire de MM. Two vols. Grenoble, imprimerie de la Grande-Chartreuse , Two parts in one volume. Frontispiece and twenty-one plates. He adds: "Catalogue Vital-Puissant, Amsterdam, It is Helpey's 25th edition. Amsterdam : Bibliotheca Arcana adds: — "This edition has 16 steel plates by Elluin, and only copies were printed. Dutel Printed by E. Henry Kistemaeckers], Amsterdam [? Auguste Brancart], Twenty-seven plates.

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