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See our If you have wanted to learn to make adorable fairies and dolls from polymer clay, you have found just the resource you need! Sign up to receive my newsletter below, full of tips and tricks and special offers, for subscribers only.

The Barnabrow Fairies - Barnabrow House

Then take a look around at the videos and teaching materials as you scroll down this page. We've got a lot in store for you! Kick your sculpting skills into high gear! Costuming is usually not part of our three-day sculpting workshops we teach in person, but for the videos I thought I'd include something simple and easy to put together quickly. You can get these DVDs here.

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Or access the online workshop here. And you can get DVDs with a Supply kit here.

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This package includes the 4 DVDs plus the basic supplies to create your doll. Just a few minutes here to show you how the doll is coming along plus see her almost finished at the end and some updates about how things are going, SculptBoxes, etc. Sign up for the online workshop here. Now I hold the intellectual property rights for Iron Fairies and franchise it in a few countries.

Answering "Is the Tooth Fairy Real"

We also have a gin brand called Iron Balls which we brew in Thailand and distribute all over Europe. The concept came from my depression and a need to escape from this world. I established the bars in Asia because when I walk down the streets of busy cities — particularly in Asia, I get the feeling that people need to escape.

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The streets are busy, dirty and stressful and I want The Iron Fairies spaces to be a place for people to escape. I grew up in a poor family so I have done everything for myself- in that sense, I have done well financially. For this reason, when I design a space, it is essential to make it comfortable.

I have always known what I wanted to do — I have a picture in my mind and I never doubt myself.

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  5. My problem is that I have too many ideas so I have trouble deciding what I should do. I usually wake up at around 3.

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    Alcohol is another thing that inhibits creativity, it is good and bad because it enables me to relax but at the same time it dulls my mind which stops me thinking. My favourite time are the last few days — once the construction workers have left, I observe the space and I feel everything coming together. However, I have to make compromises which means that the customer experience is not exactly how I would like. I like a place in Bangkok called Smalls, it is pretty cool and really laid back.

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    He forms a friendship with an 8-year-old stowaway but when he drowns the little boy has to toughen up to survive. Ultimately I would like to build a spaceship — or a submarine so that I could leave this place forever and be on my own. The Email Edition delivers a hand-picked selection of the best stories direct to your inbox every fortnight.