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Environments that are safe, interesting, and promote comfort and acceptance versus alienation are factors that facilitate health promotion.

A "First Look" at MyLab for Health & Physical Assessment in Nursing, 4e

Health Belief Model Figures 2. Topic areas and recommendations for Healthy People include physical activity, nutrition, tobacco use, alcohol and substance abuse, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, injury and violence prevention, occupational health and safety, environmental health, oral health, emerging issues, and preventive services. The document provides an overview of the goals and recommendations and how it advocates for the improvement of health and addresses environmental factors that contribute to health and illness.

The goals will redirect attention from health care to health determinant topic areas. Healthy People Topics and Recommendations.

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Physical activity Table 2. Ask students to identify examples of health promotion behaviors that should be emphasized with each of the Healthy People topic areas. Have students identify clients with illnesses that could have been prevented with improved health promotion behaviors.

Physical assessment: implications for nurse educators and nursing practice

Comprehensive health assessment is essential to health promotion. The professional nurse takes on a variety of roles when implementing plans for health promotion. These roles include educator, counselor, facilitator, nurturer, and role model. As educator the nurse interprets and informs the client of findings from the assessment. As counselor the nurse creates and plans opportunities to discuss the implementation of specific activities or goal attainment.

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The nurse as a facilitator helps the client and family gain access to services and facilities. The nurturing role of the nurse includes providing support and encouragement. The nurse models wellness and health promoting behaviors. Evaluation of goals for health promotion is an ongoing process that may result in new priorities or strategies to meet health-related goals.

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Assessment and Health Promotion Box 2. Roles of the Nurse in Implementing Health Promotion. Counselor 5. Facilitator 6.

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Nurturer 7. Role Model 8.

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  • Divide students into groups and ask them to outline a nursing care plan for the following groups of clients focusing on their health promotion needs: pregnant teenagers receiving prenatal care, young males playing organized sports, new breast-feeding mothers and their newborns, and elderly retirees living in an assisted care facility. Assign students to care for clients experiencing illnesses that could have been prevented with improved health promotion behaviors. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero.

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    Based on this information, which statement by the nurse is the most appropriate? Rationale 2: A client will have his or her own definition of health, illness, and wellness. Global Rationale: A client will have his or her own definition of health, illness, and wellness. Elicit patient values, preferences, and expressed needs as part of clinical interview, implementation of care plan, and evaluation of care.