(Love Is) The Tender Trap

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Being tender and sensitive and emotionally aware are all good things! The A. Madeleine Davies. Filed to: tenderman Filed to: tenderman tenderman dating sex.

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Media Player Winamp. Mi perfil Enviar letra Mensajes Editar Salir. Editar playlist. Or, in Burke's case, out-drinking. Which, up against Van Heusen, is no mean accomplishment.

(Love Is) the Tender Trap

Jimmy Van Heusen was a close pal of Frank's: They both worked hard, and played hard. In our centenary podcast , I reprise a line Sammy Cahn used on me many years ago: "Every man in the world wants to be Frank Sinatra. Except Frank Sinatra. He wants to be Jimmy Van Heusen. On the podcast, you'll hear Sammy tell me:. When people said to me 'Who's the most fascinating man you ever met? What about Sinatra? Sinatra, Cahn and Van Heusen were all pals, but it was Frank's idea to snaffle Jimmy away from the increasingly self-destructive Johnny Burke and pair him up with Sammy.

Asked the old question - what comes first, the words or the music?

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And one day, at a low point after the break with Jule Styne, the phone rang and it was Frank Sinatra to say, "I'd like you to do a song with Van Heusen. And Sammy said, "No, no. He's a team with Burke. The assignment was a title song for a new movie: The Tender Trap , starring Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds and Celeste Holm, of whom more later in our centenary observances. If we didn't already know Sinatra's great record, I'm not sure it would strike most writers as the most promising title for a popular song.

In fact, ever after, whenever the great Jack Benny ran into Cahn at a party, he 'd put his hand to his cheek in mock amazement and marvel, "And how could anyone write a song called 'The Tender Trap'? Cahn liked the title. That was another difference between Cahn and Johnny Burke. The latter liked to have the music first and then he'd put words to it. Cahn was happy to write the lyric first.

Love Is (The Tender Trap)

I once watched him at his Smith-Corona in the Warner Chappell office, and I thought, wow, it's like it's a musical typewriter. If you look at the first line of "Tender Trap":. I can hear him tapping it out. He wrote onomatopoeically - what sounds did the title suggest and what words did they form? That first session with his new writing partner didn't go so well.

It was late at night as the composer preferred over at Van Heusen's pad, which used to be Robert Stack's mother's home. It was built into the side of one of the Hollywood Hills and had four stories and elevators which was unusual back then. Van Heusen lay on the couch with eyes closed and hands behind his head, and Cahn went to his typewriter and galloped ahead:.


You're hand in hand beneath the trees And soon there's music in the breeze You're acting kinda smart Until your heart Just goes wap! As Sammy always explained it, when he wrote a very rhythmic main theme, he'd go for something broad and legato for the middle section:. Some starry night When her kisses make you tingle She'll hold you tight And you'll hate yourself for being single It looked great on the typewriter paper. The problems started when he ripped it out and stuck it on the piano, and Jimmy Van Heusen rose from the couch to do his part.

Johnny Burke. And that's like being caught with somebody's wife, you know?

(Love Is) The Tender Trap Songtext

The intruder! He's not kidding. A songwriting partnership is like a marriage, with all the highs and lows. Burke had accepted that he and Van Heusen were over. But it's easy to say that until you stroll down the street and see your ex- with his new trophy wife. And, while balding, bespectacled, shnookish Sammy is an unlikely trophy wife, that was the basic dynamic as he and Burke stood face to face. One of the problems was that Burke was a slow writer who would often take weeks over a lyric, and Cahn was a fast writer who on slow days would take up to 20 minutes.

There were occasions when you wish he'd taken a little more time - as in the appallingly lazy opening to one of Sinatra's best ballad albums:. And all at once it seems so nice The folks are throwing shoes and rice You hurry to a spot That's just a dot On the map. And so were Cahn and Van Heusen: hooked and cooked and caught, with Frank throwing shoes and rice at his new in-house songwriting team.

♥ "(Love is) The Tender Trap" - Frank Sinatra

If you asked him, Sammy could never remember Jimmy's original tune, but evidently, having slept on it, the composer had belatedly heard what Cahn's typewriter was trying to say: the tumty-tumty of "You see a pair of laughing eyes" that he turned into an ingeniously simple two-note seesaw.

It plays like a simple bar pop song, but it's not.