The 4 Spheres of Intentional Living

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Will you stand among them?

John Maxwell on How to Live an Intentional Life

I am convinced that a simple phrase that is well thought and well spoken is capable of holding more value than an entire book at times. Once upon a time, the world was a very different place than the world that you and I have been a part of as of late. Later on, you can process whether a pair of shoes can really bring you to the point of a crisis.

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One of the greatest changes that has recently taken place is the simple fact that everyone has a voice. You may find this something to applaud at first, and yes, it most definitely comes wrapped in some beautiful elements that are worthy of at least a nod. But think of this for just a moment. Not all that many years ago, the right to influence the world was something that must be earned. In order to speak your mind and have more than a handful of people there to consider the weight of your words, you had to climb a certain latter; you had to go through a certain process in order to reach a certain level where you were then-at last-deemed worthy of a voice within the world.

Today, this latter has been put away. The process is no longer in operation in a land where everyone is connected to anyone and all there is to do is tap a little button and suddenly you are heard. The words that you hear will eventually begin to shape you. Take care that you choose them well. Here is my simple challenge to myself- when forming a thought and writing out words, measure the weight and determine whether or not they are meant to be heard.

And second, not every voice that speaks is meant for us to hear. Measure a thought before it is accepted and give endless praise to the voices that are truly meaningful and true. Be quick to applaud what is beautiful and worded well. Above all, let the all-knowing God of this beautiful world be the main source of input that flows into your soul. We are told that God is light, and yet do we comprehend what the reality of light means for our sin-sick hearts?

Light brings the absence of darkness. There are no corners for our darkest secrets to pile up, and no shame for you and I to hide away in. But how often we choose instead to live in our destructive darkness.


And this is the very deepest kind of lie. There in our darkness is where our shame has free reign. Not exposed to be ridiculed. Not exposed to be shamed. But exposed to be liberated.

Leading a Life of Intentional Influence – John Maxwell

Exposed to be cleansed. Oh, if we would simply open ourselves to the pure, searching light of our perfect and holy God how quickly we realize that this is where the greatest joy can be found, in knowing that our hearts are fully seen and yet somehow still fully loved. Learn how to find satisfaction in building healthy and long lasting relationships. Equip people around you to become better leaders and become a positive influence on them.

Transform your attitude and you will transform your life. This course will make you the leader people want to follow. Failure is the key for your success.

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Utilise your greatest losses and turn them into great learning lessons. Accepting and dealing with failure is something that every leader must face. However, not many leaders can turn their failure into success. This solution will help you turn your leadership failures into leadership victories.

Every negative event or loss that occurs can become a great learning opportunity to take you to newer and greater heights in your life.

4 spheres of the earth

This solution is for anyone looking for clarity in what they want to do or who they want to become. If you feel stuck or are having difficulty identifying your purpose, we highly recommend this solution.

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Most people fail to realise their potential because their dreams remain hypothetical. We are willing and able to serve, but if we are not empowered by God, then the work is in vain. My friend Mike Calhoun wrote this blog, and I share it with you and trust that it will encourage you on your path with God:. Transition is a natural part of the life cycle. Change from one life stage, position, sphere of influence or friendship to another begins at birth.

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Life transitions may bring joy or pain but all contribute to the formation of the person we become. Some we control while others just naturally come into our lives uninvited and unannounced. We must be prepared lest the uninvited transitions demand the greatest amount of our attention and devour our time. These types of transitions tend to drain us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Here are four concepts that will intentionally shape our lives, preparing us to live more meaningful and productive lives during those natural transitions. admin